Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After my "grumpy daybook", I think it's time for some positive thinking. :) So here is a partial list of the many blessings I have in my life....

  • a new pediatrician that Evan likes ALOT. Why? Because he "prescribed" popsicles to help Evan get over his stomach virus.

  • an 8 year old girl coming out of her shell so nicely. I love to see her enjoying herself so much with friends that she actually doesn't miss me at all when she's on playdates or field trips. It's a complete turnaround from just one year ago.

  • rain? Sure, why not? The flowers will bloom all that much brighter and the grass will be that much greener because of it.

  • my favorite window and all the birds and small animals that flock to the tree just outside it.

  • seasonal nature picking in the fall, going to see the bluebells in the Spring, visiting the Farmer's Market and wading in my dad's creek in the summer, just to name a few.

  • Scribblish and Apples to Apples jr.....and other board games we own. We have a blast together with them.

  • The automatic timer on the coffee maker. Coffee will be started at 6 am, whether I'm up or not.

  • our new church. As large as it is, it is still so very comfortable to me.

  • the library. And the fact that all 3 of my girls enjoy reading very much.

  • Taylor NOT having practice yesterday and was able to babysit her sick brother so I could run errands.

  • The excitement on Evan's face when I brought in a whole bag of new books from the library.

  • our church is finally having a CVBS this summer. Needless to say we are already signed up. That's one week in summer that I know what we'll be doing.

  • U2, and a concert this summer. And my sister as my fellow "groupie" for the night. And my mother for the awesome Christmas gift. Counting down the days......

  • prayers answered for my sister and her family

  • early Spring flowers that give us hopes of warmer, milder days

I'm sure I could (and will) think of many more things to appreciate, but right now I have to head to Evan's PreK group, which is another thing I'm thankful for. He loves that group.

Have a great day, everyone and try to stay warm and dry wherever you are!




Theresa said...

aaahhh, I like your grumpy book AND your blessing's sort of an odd thing that we have trouble appreciating one without the other...hhmmm...sort of like the weather...those of us with seasons appreciate the sun so much more but love the snow at certain times.

Of course, I too am VERY excited about the Sisterspalooza at the U2 concert ( I think it was nice of us to invite Bono and the boys :)and of course THANKS, MOM!
As usual just had to add my 2 cents into your world :) love ya..

Grandma Jo said...

Good to hear about this turn-around from the previous post! That's my girl!! Faith keeps us going and yours is showing - in this new post! Love to see all your blessings - and it's good for us to put them in writing or post them as you did so as to remind us of them and share them as you did to remind us of ours. This helps us to always look for silver linings. And again you have a wonderful way with words and descriptions. Thanks for sharing -again! Hope you and Ter have a most wonderful time at the U2 concert! ;) LYAB!

Tina said...

Ter, your 2 cents in my world, brightens my day. :) Less than 4 months to go till....It's a Beautiful Day! <3 u!

Mom, you know I am mostly optomistic, but I guess everyone has their rough days. Thanks again for U2!