Monday, March 28, 2011

A (somewhat grumpy) Daybook

For Today (or tonight): March 28, 2011

Outside my window: dark and cold. It's Spring but really feels like winter. It's annoying.

I am wearing: big, baggy, comfy flannel PJs. "Why would I wear flannel in Spring", you ask? See above.....and it's still annoying.

I am feeling: that's easy....annoyed....... with the weather. And tired, and concerned for my sick children and frustrated with not being able to get up to my dad's house like we planned 2 months ago. So as to not make this the most depressing Daybook ever, I should also state that I'm feeling blessed in many ways too. (maybe this wasn't the best time to do a Daybook)

From the kitchen: Nothing special because I can't get to the store at the moment. ummmm.....let's see..... Tonight we all had Lean Cuisine that John picked up at Costco yesterday. I am blessed that he went there and that he purchased those frozen dinners. They were a lifesaver tonight. The rest of the week's dinners are "your guess is as good as mine". There's stuff in there, so don't fret for my children. I just don't have a "plan".

From the schoolroom: The basics are still coming along nicely, but Sky didn't do school today, because of her throat. I still think we'll be done by Memorial Day. YES!

Liturgical year plans and celebrations: We've been going to Stations of the Cross every Friday so far. That helps me keep on track with my focus this lent. The girls have some Lent retreats coming up, if they are well enough to go. No teatimes lately.

From the yard: Spring "looks" like it's begun, but doesn't feel like it. It's beautiful....the blooms, the buds, the birds and small animals all around the yard. Can't wait to start our container gardens and flower boxes!

I am thinking: I need to go to bed. No deep thoughts flowing tonight.

I am hearing: The sound machine, the heater, Evan breathing heavily.....and my conscience telling me to go to bed.

I am planning: guessed it....on going to bed. Beyond that we have doctor appt. tomorrow and I've started looking into some summer fun activities. Summer makes me smile.....a really big smile.

I am reading: a Lent devotional. Can't remember the name of it. It's small and purple. That's all I remember. Oh....I think it's in the Amazon spinny wheel thing in my sidebar. Check there if you're interested. It's a good little book.

Praying for: my children to get well, a trip to my dad's to finally pan out, and Spring to come once and for all. Many more intentions, of course.

A picture thought I am sharing:......not this time....too tired.

Good night.

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Have a great week!

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Grandma Jo said...

Hey, it's nice to even hear about your bad days. This way you can have someone to "talk" to about it. I think waiting for Spring can be annoying esp when you have sick kids, but at least it isn't beautiful outside and the kids can't go out and enjoy it. Silver linings - although you are entitled to a down day once in a while. A down day shared is less of a down day. Glad you are getting to the Stations. I'm going to them here, too, although I missed the first one as I just forgot!! LYB!!