Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Window

The window itself is nothing special. Just a window.

But, there is a very interesting view out my favorite window. At least it is to me, anyway.

The rest of my family seems to think I'm a geek......

Or a "bird nerd" as Taylor puts it.

I love my kids. :/

They all just humor me....."yes, mom that is a nice sparrow" or "we know the bunny is cute, mom, he was cute yesterday too, when you pointed him out to us."


The only one who gets remotely excited is Evan. He likes my birdies (and small animals) too. We don't live out in the country, but we are lucky enough to have a strip of old woods that divides our plan from the neighboring one.

We put out some birdseed and sometimes bread crumbs and whamo! small animals and birds flock to this tree and the surrounding area. (black capped chickadees)

If we ever move, I think I'll miss this the most. :) (Blue Jay-they are so skittish, it's hard to photograph them)
(blackbird or crow or raven? eh, I'll look it up later)
(Dark-eyed junko)
(mama cardinal)
(mama and daddy cardinal)
(squirrel~ ha! betcha didn't know that one)


Well I hope at least someone out there appreciate my little piece of nature.

Hope you all have a beautiful day with lots of sunshine! :)



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Grandma Jo said...

Thank you! Loved the pics! You got great pics of those birds! and you know their species!! I think Mike has a couple of the black-capped chickadees in his yard,too. I saw them at his birdfeeder last week. I wonder if he knows the kind of bird they are. Keep up the good work with the pics! LYAB!