Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday with Evan

It was just me and Evan Friday afternoon, so despite the cold(ish) weather, we decided to do what little boys like to do best. Go outside and run around. Well, he did the running around part, but I did participate in the "going outside".


I decided the poor backyard birdies had gone on long enough without our feeders being filled. So, we took care of that, first. Evan, my assistant "feeder filler", was quite helpful. We had some bread to get rid of too, so the birdies got a bonus that day.

After filling the feeders, Evan decided he wanted to catch a bird.

I asked him how he was going to go about this. He said, "I'll show you", and this is what he did..... Pretty clever boy. He set the "trap" of breadcrumbs that led to the clubhouse, then ran to the swingset to play. He's learning how to pump the swing by himself, and getting pretty good at it. But naturally that's not as easy or as fun as having mommy do it, so he called out, "push me". I did, of course. After some silly fun together with the swings, he decided it was time to catch that bird.

He said we were being too noisy to catch the bird while he was swinging, so we needed to get into position at the clubhouse and wait quietly for the poor helpless birdie to fall into our trap. This is the view from the swingset clubhouse where we waited to watch the birdcatching plan unfold. As you can see, the bread crumbs are lined up in a perfect path to lead the poor unsuspecting birdie right into Evan's little hands. We waited......and waited.....and waited. And Evan was quiet too. So I felt kinda bad that his little trap didn't catch at least one birdie (not that I ever thought it would, but I'm not gonna tell him that).


But then, today I asked him what he planned on doing with the bird if he did catch one. He said with that cute little smile on his face, "squish it". I said, "squish it?! Why would you squish a bird?" He said, "Because I love them so much, I just want to hug it." *phew*

I breathed a little sigh of relief that my so sweet little boy didn't have it out for the backyard birdies.

But, just the same, I think it's best for everyone involved that the birdies did not fall into Evan's trap.

We are enjoying watching the birds now, safely through the window. :)



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Grandma Jo said...

I'm glad his "squish" was really a hug! lol It shows how we REALLY need to listen and make sure we know what kiddies mean or what they are talking about - just like you do! Looks like you two had a great time! LYAB!