Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Plans are not my own.

Our summer break has been underway for a week or so now and some of my plans are working just as I,....well,....planned. We made it to the Train Festival (although that doesn't really count because I made the list of summer plans after we had already been there). We also had our homeschool groups' planning meeting and the girls finished school and testing. The girls also made Father's Day gifts for John, and I made one from Evan (I'll try to show pics of them sometime). I purchased and mailed my dad's Father's Day card and gift, too. We will bring John's dad's card and gift with us this week, because we are also heading to PA to stay with family and celebrate Alexa's 6th birthday. So, all of these things are going as I planned. Lovely.

Now, for what did not work out as planned. We did not have a St. Anthony of Padua Teatime. That really bums me out, because the liturgical year is so special. I so want to pass on the importance of it all to my children. I'm determined to get back on track with that once we get back in town.

Other things that are not on my summer plans list have just not worked out as I intended. Monday was supposed to be my "run errands, do laundry and start packing for the trip to PA" day. Didn't happen. It ended up being my "my head is spinning due to viral vertigo, get to the doctor, John take off work, me barely functioning" day. Not what I had planned at all. But what could I do? I have to remember that I am not in control here. I think that God sometimes sends these "Slow Down" messages and I have no choice but to listen.

So I did. And I began to count my blessings (once my head stopped spinning). I had to realize that I was blessed that my husband was willing and able to take off work at a moments notice so I could go back to sleep and attempt to get the spinning to stop (it was even his idea). And I was blessed that I was able to be seen at the doctor's office that same day. And I am blessed still that the spinning has stopped sooner than the NP thought it would (especially since everything she prescribed is unsafe to take while nursing). And I am also blessed that we will be able to leave tomorrow as originally least that is how it stands for now. We'll have to see what God thinks about that one.

So, I'll be back to post again next week sometime. Have a wonderful week!

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