Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Summer Plans 2008

The thought of summer always makes me think of free time and relaxing days. But as summer approaches, the days seem to fill so quickly. In addition to vacations, celebrations and all the fun of just getting outdoors, summertime provides a chance to get some extra projects done. I try not to plan too much, because I want it to be an enjoyable time for everyone. But I do hope to get some extra tasks accomplished, with enough "down time" to rejuvenate us.

So here goes. These are my plans for our summer 2008.


  • Train Festival in Old Town (6/7) (We went there.)
  • Our homeschool group's planning meeting for 2008/09 school year (6/12) (attended)
  • Finish school/testing (6/13) (Done)
  • St. Anthony of Padua Teatime (6/13) (Didn't do this one.)
  • Girls make Father's Day gifts. (Done)
  • Purchase Father's Day cards to mail ASAP. (Done~although John's dad is still waiting on his~we forgot to take it to PA~Ugh.)
  • Go to PA for Alexa's 6th birthday party (6/19) (Done~Post on this will be coming.)
  • Alexa's birthday party (6/21) (Done~Wonderful Time)
  • Return home from PA (6/23) (Done)
  • Alexa's birthday (6/24) (Happy Birthday, Lexiloo!)
  • Teatime to welcome summer (?) (Unfortunately this didn't happen.)
  • Put up hummingbird feeder (?~soon) (Done as of today, June 30)


  • John's Birthday (7/4) (done)
  • Independence Day Celebrations (7/4) (done)
  • G-ma Jo comes for a visit (early July) (She was here and we had a good time, other than the problems we had with that summer bug.
  • Holy Trinity VBS for Skylar and Alexa (7/7-7/11) (They had a great time! Alexa did get sick, though, and missed the last 2 days.)
  • Teatime for Blessed Kateri (7/14) (Didn't happen, but we did do one for St. Thomas earlier this month.)
  • Evan's 2nd birthday (7/19) (He was still recovering from being sick, but we celebrated low key on the actual day. And John's parents were able to be here for it!)
  • Family vacation to Kings Dominion .(?) (Moved to the end of August.)
  • Teatime for St. Anne (7/26)
  • New Nephew due to be born!!!! (end of July)


  • Homeschool paperwork due (8/1)
  • Feast of the Transfiguration~ possible teatime, craft or other activity (8/6)
  • Our wedding anniversary ~ 16 years! (8/8)
  • Sign Alexa up for Ballet when new brochure comes out (?)
  • Peach Picking (?)
  • Prince William County Fair (8/8-8/16)
  • Teatime for the Assumption (8/15)
  • Trip to PA to meet new nephew (end of August)
  • Myers Family Reunion in PA (8/17)
  • Begin school for 2008/09 (8/25)
  • St. Augustine teatime (8/28)
  • Make this cobbler by Jodie's Grammy over at the 4 Real Learning Boards

All Summer:

  • Summer Reading Program through our local library (sign up 6/16)
  • Go to the local theater for free movies whenever we get the chance.
  • Work on handmade Christmas gifts.
  • Swim here or here.
  • More playdates with friends.
  • Purge schoolroom, garage, kitchen, our room, and finish Sky and Alexa's room.
  • Make lesson plans for next year.
  • Order all school books and materials for next year.
  • Plan crafts to celebrate liturgical feasts with teatimes for next year.

Sometime this summer:

  • Co-op Planning Meeting
  • Get together with friends to make toddler/preschool bags.
  • Start planning field trips for our homeschool group for next school year.
  • Organize list of moms for Saint of the Month Club for next school year.
  • Yard Sale?

While G-ma Jo is here:

  • Trip to Claytime Cafe for the girls to make Godparents' Christmas gifts.
  • Enjoy a day at Splashdown Water Park with G-ma.
  • Go see this movie with Alexa and Skylar. We can't wait! We are reading the books right now!
  • John and I have a day out and maybe go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We both also enjoy perusing the books at Borders and B & N. (We're such geeks.) We might go see a movie, too, if there is anything interesting playing.

I guess this about sums up our summer. It is not set in stone and activities will probably be added spur-of-the-moment. But this is a general reference so I know where our summer is headed.

Summer always seems to go so fast, so I'm really going to try to live each moment as it happens. What about you? What are you planning? Are you ready to relax or do you have a huge to-do list waiting to be tackled?

Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer!



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Grandma Jo said...

I see your updates on here. This is just like a journal for you - and record keeper/organizer! Good idea! Lots going on this summer for you, as for most people, I guess, just different stuff than fall/winter/spring. Same here. A week from tomorrow is July 4th - already! Summer does go fast, but as you said we need to try to live in the moment - always! Love to all!