Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, John!!!!!

We had a nice day, today. And I think John really enjoyed his birthday. He got to sleep in, then he came down to breakfast and to open his presents. There were plenty of hugs for all the kids as a "Thank You" for their thoughtful gifts.

After lunch, John went to the gym for his workout, and I put Evan down for his nap and began to bake this cake that was mentioned here. (Thanks for the idea, Jenn!) I didn't have enough good stawberries and so my stripes are a little "skimpy" and look more like spots than stripes, but it's not bad for my first time. And it was delicious! We made it with 1/2 Cool Whip on top and 1/2 white frosting because Sky does NOT like Cool Whip. It was really good. So good, in fact, that John, with his strict bodybuilding diet, even had a piece!

And since the weather was not cooperating for fireworks, John decided he wanted us all to go out to dinner. So we went to Logan's. We had a very nice waiter who saw me taking a picture of John with the kids and offered to take one with me in it. I am so thankful for that young man, because we have not had all 6 of us in a picture since right after Evan was born!

Taylor, John, Skylar, Me, and Alexa and Evan in front of us. (Please pardon the mess on the table.)

And if you notice the shirts that John and Evan are wearing. I bought those for them as a Christmas present. John's says, "Big Guy" and Evan's says, "Little Guy". So cute. They sure do look like father and son! Evan has been nicknamed "L.J." for "Little John" by my nephew.

Hope that you all had a wonderful July 4th holiday!



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