Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hold on tight!

Things are about to go really fast around here. Grandma Jo (my mom) is due here any time, now. And things always go fast when we have visitors! The kids are so excited, especially Alexa, and keep asking, "When is she going to get here?!" And enjoying G-ma's company is not all that will be happening this week. As I said in my summer plans for July we also have CVBS this week. I will be working the toddler room every day and Evan will be with me. Alexa and Sky will be in their classes and Taylor will do some fun things with G-ma in the mornings while we are out.
We also plan to:

  • Get to Splashdown Water Park.
  • Go see the new American Girl Movie.
  • Taylor and G-ma have some shopping to do.
  • Create some Godparent gifts at Claytime Cafe.
  • And John and I have a "date" to go on next Saturday! (We are overdue for this!)
  • And whatever else we can fit in!

Well, G-ma is here now. She came while I was typing this post! Gotta run, dinner is on the stove! I'll check in again this coming week when I can. Have a beautiful summer week, everyone!



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