Monday, June 16, 2008

Lovin' from Evan

Yesterday we took Evan to Mass with us. He sat and looked at his books, he climbed on the seat, then on the kneeler, then on me,..... standing, sitting, climbing....standing, sitting, climbing, etc. But he did ok. I didn't have to take him out, though I did quietly slip him some fruit snacks at one point, when he started to fuss. It was a good day! And to top it off, that sweet little boy was so huggy and kissy I thought he was going to smooch my cheek off! I was holding him at the end of Mass, as Father made the announcements and Evan just hugged and squeezed my neck repeatedly. He would kiss my lips and cheeks over and over with that sweet grin. And he would say ,"mmmmAAA!" (his kissy noise). And, "kissy, Momma!" and, "hugs!, hugs!".

I have to say, I totally missed the announcements. I was lost in the love of my sweet little man.



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Grandma Jo said...

What a sweetie! I'm sure you enjoyed that. And I think he got the message of the Mass and was just passing it on to those around him! Love to all!