Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are back in Virginia, back to our home. It is comfortable and everything is familiar. But, at the same time it feels like I left "home" to come home. What I mean is that going to Pennsylvania, to the area where I grew up, is going "home" for me too. We went to Mass at the church where I made my FHC, was Confirmed and was married. I drove by many stores that I used to shop in, a playground where I played as a child and my old elementary school. And most importantly is the family. My brother and his family are there and they so kindly let the girls, Evan and I stay with them. The kids had a blast playing with their little cousin, Kyra. My sister and her family are there, too, along with my mom who lives with them. And my husband's family is in the area also. So it is definitely home, .....familiar and comfortable.

Not for my children, though, they've never lived there. I'm sure it's comfortable to them. But not familiar in the way it is to John and I. They have no history there. To them it's a great place to visit. But for me, it's where part of my heart is and always will be. So being back here in Virginia is "Home Sweet Home", but it's also true that "Home is where the heart is". And part of my heart will always be in Pennsylvania.

Miss you all, already!

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Grandma Jo said...

Miss you, too, Teen, already, and all your family, too. You always take much of my heart with you when you go back to VA with my grandchildren. So glad you were here for a while anyway. We all miss you ALL very much. And I will come to visit with you soon! Love you all bunches!