Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Alexa!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky "Lexiloo"! You have such a big personality in your little 6 year old body! When you are around your friends, you tend to be quiet. But when surrounded by family, you let your presence be known. You are so smart and make us laugh with the funny things you say. You are my little girlie-girl princess.You are a loving big sister and playmate for Evan, a friend and roommate for Sky and a little "Minnie Me" for Taylor. You are beautiful inside and out and we love you so very much!
God bless you, sweet girl, on your special day.
We love you!
~Mommy, Daddy, Taylor, Sky and Evan

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Grandma Jo said...

Oh, what a beautiful princess! And Tina, you have described her to a T! What a special little girl you are, Alexa! Happy, Happy, 6th Birthday you little sweetie pie! Love you bunches!