Monday, January 23, 2012

A Christmas Gift

Alexa got a new apron for Christmas.  I made it for her.  I guess you could say I cheated.  Okay, I cheated, bigtime.  It was an already sewn, denim apron.  I just "customized" it for her, but she appreciates it like I sewed every stitch myself.

 She couldn't wait to try it out.  So for the Feast of Saint Agnes, she and I made a vanilla cake together. 

Nevermind that it was from a box.  She still cracked the eggs (which was hysterical to watch because she was so grossed out by the "gook" inside), and measured the oil and water.  She mixed it all up with the beater and  helped me pour it into the pan. 

We went a little "fancy" with the bundt cake pan.  It turned out to be a pretty, tasty cake. 

We made a glaze from scratch using vanilla, milk and powdered sugar.  We kinda guessed with the measurements on that.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some snowflake sprinkles were added for a finishing touch.

 I thought that was the finishing touch, but apparently Alexa decided it needed some color and pizzazz and glammed it up a bit with green sugar sprinkles when my back was turned.  "Now it's finished!" she declared. 
It was almost gone by the end of our Teatime.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

We managed to save some for Taylor.

I've missed these relaxing Afternoon Teas.  And so have the kids, apparently.  Of course who am I kidding?  They are crazy for cake.  They like hearing an interesting story or two about a Saint, but everything is better with cake.

We didn't do a craft with this Teatime.  I was trying to keep it low key.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much Evan remembered about Saint Agnes.  I have been reading to him every Bible Story and one Saint Story, but I wasn't sure just how much he was retaining (or even paying attention).  The girls each knew a bit about her, too, so we discussed her heroic life during the Caketime.....I mean, Teatime.  ;)

Alexa's handmade (....ahem....) apron held up very well, and she can't wait till we bake again!

Have a pleasant week, everyone!

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Grandma Jo said...

Cool apron for a beautiful baker! Isn't she lovely! Isn't she wonderful! Isn't she pretty! You look very comfortable in that apron. We are so blessed! I'm hoping to enjoy one of your teatimes one of these times - cake and all! Alexa your cake looks sooooo yummy! The green sprinkles added just the right touch!
Tina, you did a great job on the apron and Alexa, great job on the cake! Evan, great job eating the cake! :)
Isn't it great, Alexa, how yummy "gook" tastes when mixed with the right ingredients? :)
Taylor - you are just beautiful! I love your pic!
But where's Sky?
Have a great week you all! :) Love ya all!