Sunday, January 22, 2012

On a Reading Frenzy

I think I mentioned in a Daybook once, that I had long since gotten out of the habit of reading books for me.  Just for me.  For pleasure. 

I read for information and knowledge and inspiration.

I read to educate, to entertain and to share and bond with my children.  Picture books, chapter books.  Lots of delightful books, really, and I enjoyed, still enjoy, reading stories with my kids. 
It's one of my favorite things in the world to do.

But, over this past summer I began reading for me again, just for fun!  And it is so fun!  I completely enjoy it! 
I have found that 13 year old girl inside myself again.  The one who can't wait to slip away and become deeply involved in someone elses life.  It feels like I'm right there for the ride of their lives!  I have laughed and cried.  I've become angry at the injustice (and stupidity in some cases) and have been so anxious to see what's going to happen next!  (To the point of losing sleep because I can't put the book down!)

I am thrilled with books now.

I will continue to read to my kids, because that's just a wonderful experience for all of us.  It's one of the best parts of being a parent.  You get to sit, super-snuggly-close if you want to and dive into another world with your favorite little people!  And afterwards you can talk about it, if they want to and it can open doors to all kinds of great conversations and insight into their cute little minds and how they feel about things. 


  I want to start a personal log or journal of sorts.   I want to list all the books I've read and review them, for myself, to know if I should ever venture to reread them or recommend them to a friend. 

But before I go on, I should mention that I do not care at all for cheesy romance novels.

                                Ick.  Blech.  Gross.

I gave them a fair shake, too, I have to say.  I wanted some sweet little Christmas stories to read during Advent.  Just something with a cozy feel to it.  I ordered 2 from the library.  They had good recommendations from other readers. 

Ick.  Blech.  Gross.

I finished them because I didn't want to feel defeated or like I gave up too soon.  "Maybe it will get better" I'd say to myself.  No.  It did not.  Both books were just cheesy.  Possibly they are just not my style.  Maybe they rated so high because there are a lot of other people who prefer this kind of book.  So if you do, don't go by my judgement.  They were just not for me.

I don't shun romance in books always.  I like the classic Pride and Prejudice and such.  But this modern day malarky.  It just left me with a feeling of, "Really?.....oh come on!"

Now that I dissed a certain type of book,  I should mention some I liked.  I've always like Little House books.  They take me back to my 13 year old-book-lovin' self.  Maybe that's why they still appeal to me.  I recently reread  The Little House on the Prairie and The Long Winter and enjoyed them both immensely.  Good wintertime reads.

I also read more from my kids shelves......The Cottage at Bantry Bay series (it was ok), The Letzenstein Chronicles (4 books....loved them all), And a bunch of other classics.

More recently I read The Secret Life of Bees (good book!), and The Hunger Games (excellent, excellent book!).  I ordered the 2nd one from The Hunger Games series from the library and it should be in by next week.  CANT WAIT!  And my sister recommended books by Patricia Cornwell (I think that was her name).  I will order a book by her from the library, once I finish the Hunger Games series.

In the mean time I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love.  I've just begun to read it tonight so I can't say how I feel about it yet.  Perhaps I will let you know in a future post.
It snowed again last night, just a little.  Just enough to put a layer of fluff on top of the ice, which is on top of a ground layer of snow.  Looks cold out there!  I'll find out later when we venture out for Mass.

Well, stay warm everyone!  And if you come across any interesting fiction stories (without the gush), let me know! 


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