Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like.....Halloween

My children love love love Halloween.  I could give or take it.  I think some people go overboard with the scary, gory stuff.  I just like it for the fun of seeing the kids dress up and have a good time.

  My kids have always enjoyed playing dress up.  And walking outside in costume, seeing neighborhood friends in their costumes, AND filling a bag with treats, makes it all just super exciting for them.  So I can't blame them a bit.  I enjoyed Halloween as a kid, too. 

I'm jumpin' on their bandwagon and makin' it a little festive around here.
Makin' some spooky ghosts

 Decorations everywhere.......

Evan wants to make the house "spooky" so I'm pulling out everything we've got in the garage.

And I went a little "happy" with the Halloween sprinkles at dinner last night.
Sky helped (you gotta watch that girl around sprinkles....she's as bad as her mother).

The rest of the kids didn't seem to mind.  Yummaaaay!
Some of Evan's nature collections from our walks.  He likes to decorate the house with his "treasure".

I am enjoying this time of year with all the oranges (my favorite color), reds and yellows.  The chill is in the air today so we are going to head out to enjoy it for a bit.  I think I'll bake up some muffins, too.  They are not homemade so don't be impressed.  I just keep "add water" boxed mixes on hand for days like this.  I score points in the "Fun Mom" category without all the work and hassle of it.  ;)

Hope you are enjoying these colder days. 
Make today a special one!

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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for sharing your Halloween fun - getting prepared for it! I've got a stash of candy to give away but it looks like I might be working on Halloween night! I don't have CCD and the one lady at work quit because she got another job and another lady was to work her night but her daughter needs her to help with her triplets to go trick or treating. They are very young. Our guys are a lot older and Andrew has a hockey game that night. Ter and Tony are going so they won't be here to give out the candy. Aj will be here but watching the Penguin game. We might give our stash to a neighbor to give out at least until I get home. It might be almost over by then. I think it's 6-8 and I work until 7. Oh well. Not sure if Mike is coming out or not but I'm thinking not since he works later now. Maybe they could bring the kids over on Sunday - the day before.
You've got some great ideas on here! Scary Halloween decorations, too! Kyra is a "sprinkler lover" too so she and Sky and you would get along in that department! I actually like them myself, esp to make decorating more exciting and fun! I remember last year right? when we went around your neighborhood and some of your neighbors had wonderful decorations! Have a great day! LYAB! :)