Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Autumn Saturday

We've been having a good weekend around here, and it's only half over.  Cool!  And it is quite cool, actually....outside, too.  There's a really crisp Fall chill in the air and I'm likin' it. 

This morning we slept in, for the most part (8 am is sleeping in with a 5 year old in the house).  Skylar had karate this morning and I've been doing some laundry off and on today, too. 

After lunch I took the girls to the mall and John took Evan to run a few errands.  First they went for a cookie at Subway (John had a coupon for a free one) and then they picked up a few things at the grocery store and stopped in the bank quickly, too.  From the report Evan gave me when the girls and I got home, he and daddy had a good time and he even got a lollypop from the teller at the bank!

The girls and I split up at the mall.  Taylor and Alexa off looking for homecoming accessories for Taylor and Sky and I went in search of some Fall clothes and a coat for Sky.  No luck on the coat, but 2 sweaters for her (and 2 for me. :D....), all on sale, so we were pretty happy.

This evening I made my BBQ chicken pizza while John and Taylor went to Costco.  The pizza was yummmmmmaaaayyyy.

After dinner it was already getting dark but Evan wanted to play outside.  It was pretty chilly, but a good chilly, not a freeeeezing chilly.

So I took him and the younger girls for a neighborhood walk in the dark, equipped with flashlights for all.

 Evan and Lexa kept telliing each other scary stories as we walked along, then kept freaking out over every little noise. 

I was mostly concerned about them not watching where they were going and tripping on a large random pinecone,

but everyone survived the adventure and we headed home for some hot chocolate.

Our resident magician, The Amazing Daddy, performed some magic tricks for the kids.

He amazed Evan with this one!  How does he do that?!  The secret is....his magical powers.  :)
Taylor has a friend sleeping over tonight and we have Mass tomorrow morning.  The Steelers play tomorrow, but we don't get the game.  :/

I'll be planning school and checking papers in the afternoon along with finishing laundry and I'm sure the girls and Evan will get in some outside playtime.  Tomorrow night is CCD and youth group. 

Then Monday it's back to school/work for all. 


Nevermind Monday.  Forget I said that. 

Let's enjoy the weekend while we have it!

Hope you enjoy yours!  Make it special!

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Grandma Jo said...

Great to hear about your Saturday. Sounds like you and your family had a great day. I went to Kyra's soccer game in the a.m. as you saw on fb. B was there and his Mom of course and Dad Mike also as Coach! Peggy and Ray also came. B entertained us as we watched Kyra play soccer. I think he wanted more attention from his mom. He kept saying he was "hungry" as he kept eating snacks. But really I just think he wanted mom to turn her attention from the game to him. lol He is such a cutie - and those dimples!! He makes me smile!

Looks like the you and the kids had a great day - and John, too, taking Evan with him and then "performing" the tricks to the delight of the kids. Sleeping in for me is 8 am also which I did this morning - although I was still awake at 7 am-just stayed in bed and enjoyed the warmth and closing my eyes and day dreaming of things to come.

Did Tay and Sky have success finding their accessories?

The pizza looked delicious! Ter is making BBQ'd country style ribs today in the crock pot. It is on right now and needs to cook for at least 5 hrs. She, Tony and Andrew are going to 10 am Mass at Cookies church and I have CLW at our church at 11 am. AJ is also going to 11 am at our church. He doesnt' want to go to Cookies church because he says it's all old people. LOL I wonder where his mind is during Mass. hmmmmm lol

Sorry you don't get the Steeler game. Maybe you can get it on the computer? I really dont' know about that, though. I will probably have it on as I prepare for my CCD class tomorrow night. I'm debating going somewhere but gas is so expensive these days and I seem to use it up so quickly!

Hope you have a great Sunday! Enjoy your day! TTYL! LYAB!!