Monday, August 1, 2011

One Month Left

Once again, summer is whizzing by. It just keeps chugging along, at a rapid pace, like a speeding train. It's not waiting for me to use the time wisely, it just keeps on going.

Ahh...but this year, I'm taking a moment to catch my breath, before it's too late.

I'm making myself aware of the limited time left, before it's completely gone. And we still have a full month to go!

So where do we stand? Well, in looking at the list I made a month ago, I'd say we are doing pretty well.

The first 8 things are done and each one was a blast! I have loads of pictures, and amazing memories, to prove it. :)

The tickets are ordered for the 9th thing on the list and we are working on number 10.

We haven't made it to the waterpark (but still plan to~ I found a coupon!) and most of us had to miss the fireworks (due to rain and illness). Although Lexa and Sky got to go with neighbors.

We've made it to the dollar movies a few times (once with friends!) and to the farmer's market.

But we have yet to do the lemonade stand, make s'mores and catch fireflies. (Hey, we could knock those out in one, fun day!)

I have been grilling weekly and we've been getting a good bit of outside time, but not every single day. I need to remember to get the kids out in the morning because it's just rediculously hot in the afternoon.

I'm feeling pretty good about how this summer is going. So far, overall it's been a rockin'!

Autumn has always been my favorite season, but in the midst of a summer like this, I might be changing my mind about that. I could totally see moving south, where it's warm, or even hot, all the time. But, I would also love to move closer to family. (I MISS THEM!) Unfortunately, most of them are north. So, we will probably just stay put. :/

I do love this area, and this house, so I can't really complain.

I just need to bloom where I am planted. And for right now at least, my butt is planted right here in northern Virginia.

It's another super hot, but beautiful day here. I guess I should move along and see what blooming I can do today!

Have a great day! Make it special!

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Grandma Jo said...

Glad your summer is going so well. Mine is, too, but didn't really PLAN much of it. Just taking it as it comes. So happy to have you all a part of it for ANY length of time. I also had a great time in Atlanta! Some "firsts" for me there and proud of my courage to come out of my comfort zone. WE MISS YOU HERE! But I'm glad you can be content where you need to be as I won't be here forever (no one will) and that you are so close to your siblings. I hope it's always that way! LYAB!