Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Highlight of My Summer

This summer has really been amazing. So many wonderful experiences and memories being made. We are truly having a good time. Partly because I am making a conscious effort to not waste away the days. But despite all the fun we are having here, the highlight so far for me was definitely the trip to PA to see family and enjoy summer with them. John wasn't able to come with us, so it wasn't perfect, but it was awesome, none the less.

(This post is going to be out of order from what we did on the trip, but that's just the way blogger works. I never remember to load my pictures last event first, so it is what it is.)

KENNYWOOD! My mom, my brother and his family joined me and the girls for a day of fun and fast rides, superdelicious food, and games. We woke up to rain on this day, but we went for it anyway. We didn't have much choice, given our busy (yet superfun!) schedule while on this trip. Glad we did!
Tattoo for Taylor ....oh yeah, she wishes it was real.
Alexa was painted into a beautiful butterfly.Evan.....thrilled to death that he won this penguin (aka Pengwee)
We rode the Racer. For Evan and Alexa, it was their first coaster EVER!
Both gave this one a major
thumbs down.
I have never seen Evan so petrified. The look of sheer panic on his face was unmistakable.
He wanted to ride it, honest he did.
I didn't sugar coat it. I told him up front that it went fast,
but that it was one of the milder coasters in the park.
I even showed him POV youtube videos of it.
Still, it was a big "never again" for him. I felt bad for him and tried to help him get through it.
I covered his eyes and kept talking to him, trying to comfort him.
He didn't actually cry....just looked extremely freaked out.
After it was over he said....
"That was a dumb ride! Why'd you take me on such a dumb ride?!
I hated that dumb ride!"
Yes, his fear went to displaced anger immediately after exiting the coaster.
Evan and Alexa rode this for the first time, too.
Alexa...thumbs up!
Evan.....thumbs down!
(I think this boy likes to go fast, he just wants to be the one in control)
Skylar's beautiful facepaint! "Starry Sky"....haha...get it?
PIRATE PARROT.....a legend around here.
We didn't actually ride it, but you get wet just as a spectator.SHOWTIME
There was an empty stage just beggin for a show, so the kids thought they'd pitch in and help out a bit.

Brayden and Evan
Cousins hanging out in KIDDIE LAND.
I think the rides in this part of the park get a thumbs up from both of these little dudes.
Evan and I lookin' "so cool" in our 3D glasses.
We were on the Garfield ride.
It was a fun day. We love this place. So many memories of being here as a kid and a teen with friends and even with John when we were dating.
I am feeling my age, though. I could not take the fast rides like I used to. I felt like I had to recover each time I got off of one.
But it's still all good.
My teen and preteen girls were off on their own doing the daring rides.
It's their turn to be the wild ones.
They can have it. More power to them. :)
This trip also had some fun in the "down times". Like pillow fights with Pap Pap and icecream, hugs and chats with Nanny.

Dinners out with family at Kings and Eat-n-Park
(two of my favorite restaurants)
We celebrated my nephews 3rd birthday while up there.
He's so cute!
The kids practiced their aquatic skills and cooled off in their pool. I didn't go in.
I refrain from putting on a bathing suit whenever humanly possible. I like the water, I just don't have a flattering bathing suit right now, so I decided to spare everyone.
Evan's 5th Birthday was celebrated at Kings Restaurant. Pretty much the whole family was there.
Special days are so much more fun to celebrate when you are with the people you love.
Grandma got Evan a Phineas and Ferb cake!
He was thrilled!
My big 5 year old boy!
I have lived away from my family for many years now. We look forward to the trips home, enjoy them while we are there, then we are sad to leave.
But once we get back here, back into our groove, we adjust and I get over my homesick feeling rather quickly.
This time, well, it was different. I don't know why.
It could be that we had such and amazing time...
but we've had great times before.
It could be that we didn't stay long enough for me to miss this place.
Or it could be that I am getting older and realizing how short life is and how invaluable times like these are.
It's been a week now, since we returned here. The homesickness is just beginning to subside. And I am so thankful for technology that keeps us in each others lives.
( sister and I had a fantastic day together when I was in PA. I hope to write a whole separate post about it. It needs it's own post. It was a beautiful day!)
Well, I hope your summer is filled to the brim with beautiful days.
Take it all in! Enjoy it!
Make it special!

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Grandma Jo said...

So glad you feel this was the highight of your summer, as it was mine also! Just LOVE having you all up here. (Wish it could be permanent!) Wish it could be for longer. We all had a great time at Kennywood! Hope we can continue to do it every year! Loved actually "riding" with the grandkids this year (Brayden and I both came out of our comfort zones at Kennywood)even if it was on the smaller less-thrilling rides. They were thrilling enough for me - just to be on them and not feaking out! LOL Evan & Lexa take after me when it comes to riding the coasters (esp Evan), at least for now. I'm glad Lexa liked the log jammer as I hope to try it next time. Wonderful time at Kennywood!! Wish we had been able to connect with Linda there but glad you got to see her at the concert. LYAB!! BTW, these pics are great! :)