Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RAAWWRRR! (aka. Pre K Dinosaur School)

Dinosaurs seem to be making a comeback with the preK kids. With Dino Dan and Dinosaur Train on TV, it's easy for little ones to become interested in dinosaurs.Evan and I did a little Dino School last week. We used this Dino Size game from File Folder Fun. We've used quite a few of their games in our schooling this year.
I printed out some worksheets from Busy Bee Kids Printables. Evan has wanted to do more "real school" with worksheets like his sisters lately. Makes him feel like a big kid, I guess. He's already growing too fast if you ask me. He'll be in Kindergarten next year! *sniff sniff*

I bought this little puzzle to color at the dollar section at Target. This wasn't a big hit with him. My little guy reeaallly dislikes coloring.

So we colored it together, then he broke the puzzle apart and rebuilt it.
The funnest part of this prehistoric week for Evan was probably the Dinosaur Playbox I made for him. I printed out the background papers from this site then I purchased some little dinos from the dollar store. I put the diorama together and added the dinos and some little rocks and then let Evan have at it. :) We also played a few games with these dinosaur cards I printed out.

Look at that smile on his face. Can you tell who won the game?

I bought a set of 4 mini dinosaur puzzles by Melissa and Doug that are similar to this set.

He was really excited when I pulled these out. My little guy has no patience for coloring but loves puzzles, lately! He even wanted to bring this set to his preschool group to share it with his friends. :)
School with Evan usually goes best when I pick a theme for the week that he's already shown some interest in. Then it's like we are just playing together for an hour or more each day.
It's just fun time with mom. :)
Hope you are enjoying your little ones. They won't be little for long.
Have a great week!

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Grandma Jo said...

Wow, Tina Teacher - you come up with the greatest ideas! And for little next to nothing!! Computers with websites can provide a wealth of resources if you know where to look - and you certainly do! Lucky Evan! Learning and playing with Mom/Teacher!! LYAB!!