Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~~Mardi Gras Party~~

I was going to call this a Mardi Gras Teatime, but that wouldn't be accurate. No one had tea and I didn't stress the "dignified atmosphere" as I do with our regular Teatimes. So we'll just call this what it was...a party. :)

We set up with a little bit of decorations, some were quite spur of the moment.

The kids made some festive placemats out of construction paper and construction paper crayons.

Then we found some party blowers and noisemakers leftover from New Years Eve.
Next step:

Off to the pantry.....we took out all of the goodies and displayed them ever-so-nicely before we devoured them. (heeheehee ~that's my evil laugh). It didn't take too long to finish them off....saving some for Taylor, of course.
After the sugarfest, we got out every sparkly, bright and colorful craft item we could find. The kids made these awesome masks.

We had a good afternoon, but it's a new day now. And the start of a new season in the liturgical year.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. I, for one, have been looking forward to this. More on that later.

Have a great day, everyone. And try to stay dry. We are due to get some soaking rains, yet again, for the next couple of days. It's kind of fitting, in my opinion, for the first week of Lent.

Still looking so forward to Spring. :)



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Grandma Jo said...

Another great Mom/Teacher idea! Looks like everyone had so much fun! Loved the masks!! Did you get my ecard for Mardi Gras? Hope so. We didnt' party as much here but did have some goodies (yours look delish!) and ate MEAT! That was one of the things on that Lenten Prayer site I sent to you emphasized, since we will be abstaining from meat today and all Fridays in Lent. Hope you all have a blessed Lent! I'm sure you all got your ashes (I love the Ashes song we sing today - I wish we would use it more during Lent), but I didn't get to sing it much as we used it during the distribution of the Holy Eucharist and I was an impromptu Eucharistic Minister. I also helped distribute the ashes earlier in the Mass. Have a great Lent! LYAB!