Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Child

She's 15. My little girl is 15. Such a big soon. It's all happening way too fast. She's just beautiful, too, inside and out. She is in her first year of high school and loving it. It's not all sunshine and roses, but she handles the workload (making excellent grades), enjoys the extracurricular activities, and has a blast with her friends. Yep, she's managing it all pretty well. She's so talented in drawing. Really talented. I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. No, really I'm not. She's an artist for sure. It's a God given gift. She's fun and friendly and becoming a more optomistic person than we've seen in the past. She's working hard, but also having fun with her life, in responsible ways. No, I don't think she's perfect and we still have our arguments, but I see her growing and really respect who she is and who she is becoming.
We told her to keep this party simple since next year is her sweet 16. She did.....she kept it simple, but every bit of the party was Taylor.....her ideas, her creativity, her thoughtfulness. And in this sweet little party, you see Taylor....growing up.

She decorated for the party (with Alexa as her assistant). She wanted it to be girly and fun and tastefully done. It was.
She only invited a few friends (one of whom couldn't make it) and their younger siblings. It was her idea to invite the littles. Very thoughtful.They played with balloons and puzzles. They colored and had block tower competitions. Lots of things for young, and not young, kids to enjoy. together.
She baked and decorated the cake, all by herself, which is not surprising to those who know her. I did have the pleasure of hanging out with her and chatting while she decorated it late Friday night.

It was beautiful, and elegant, and quite delicious.
Strawberry cake with buttercream good!
(This is her you-are-taking-too-many-pictures-of-me look.)
She opened her gifts
and was touched by the kindness of her friends.

Taylor's childhood friend was there and they happen to share the same birthday! And Taylor's boyfriend was in attendance, too....along with his little sister.
This is my not-so-little girl and she's an amazing person.
We love you, Taylor!
~Mom, Dad, Skylar, Alexa and Evan


Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for the GREAT party pics! Taylor is so beautiful AND amazing! She's is just the best! I'm glad she had such a wonderful party and of course orchestrated it all herself!! She's so talented! I LOVE her drawings!! Her dress is beautiful but we need a better pic of that - maybe in an email? It is girly-looking but not totally pink as I was expecting. All the girls looked great in their dresses - I see Sky "dressed-up" as only Sky would. She's so sweet! Love her hairdo!! And of course the pink-girly look would just not do for Chris! hahahaha lol It is so like Tay to invite the younger ones to her party although at one time she wouldn't have done that but I'm glad she did now. That shows how sweet and caring she is becoming. She is such a beautiful young lady and becoming a beautiful woman! The older she gets the more amazing she becomes! Happy 15th Birthday, Taylor! Wishing you much happiness and joy in the years ahead!! LYB!!

Theresa said...

Awesome! She so reminds me of my little's amazing...

Grandma Jo said...

Who is the childhood friend? It's not Grace. So from across town by library maybe? That's not Amanda is it? And tell Tay I LOVE the cake! She is so creative!

Tina said...

Mom~ She is growing up nicely. :) And that is her friend Caroline in the picture. She's known her from a Little Flowers club when she was 7, a few VBS's and Theater. Her little sister is a friend of Alexa's. We went to the park with the little sis and the mom this past Monday. We'll try to get another pic of the whole dress soon.

Ter~ ya think so? It's a compliment to me, so I'll take it. :)