Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mora na maidine dhuit!

Translation: Top of the morning to you! Yes, I looked that up. ;) Evan has been my jr. baker lately. He enjoys it, although like most people, he loves the special job of taste-tester most of all. Today the baking was a little more interesting though, because we had a secret ingredient to make our muffins more "festive" for Saint Patrick's Day.
We just added a little "green magic" to our favorite muffin mix and voila! These might not be the most appetizing looking things to come from my kitchen. But they were still quite yummy. And they really appealed to Evan. What boy doesn't like green muffins?!

I have this little heart shaped pan that I've had for ages. I'm not even sure where I got it. Perhaps it was my mom's or grandmothers? It is pretty beat up but still works well, and has been getting some use lately.
We set up very simply for this Teatime. Actually it was more of a "milk time" because we were short on time. ;)
I like to keep things simple during Lent, whenever possible.
We have a few St. Patty's Day stories, but I only had time to read this one. I was surprised how well it held Evan's attention. It is a picture book, but it's sort of long.
I really "winged it" with the craft today. Just your basic windsock using green construction paper, stickers, a holy card, a prayer and white streamers (didn't have any green :P )

This Tea/Milk time was kinda rushed, but we still enjoyed it. And I was pleasantly surprised at how well Evan behaved. At first he said, "this craft is boring", but then changed his tune by about half way through and said, "this is the best craft ever!".
We had our celebration a day early because we have plans for tomorrow that will limit our time.
But we do still plan on wearing green tomorrow. If we don't we might get tickled by a leprechaun. ;)
Don't want that to happen, now do we.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!
For some odd reason, I'm craving Lucky Charms cereal. Dang...I think we're out.


Theresa said...

Looks like fun...I'm coming to your house next time :)

Grandma Jo said...

Top of the Evening to you (not sure how you say that in Gaelic - no, not looking it up either). Great St. Paddy's Day celebration! Yummy looking muffins - except for the color - lol! jk!! Love your "magic!" You "wing-it" with great crafts! Do you just have those holy cards hanging around for EVERY saint?! Oh, the heart-shaped pan I believe was from me. We used it at home on Oak Hill. I used to make a rice krispy treat heart in different colors for Fr. Justin when I worked for him. He loved the rice krispy treats! I don't think I used it much for cakes or jello because of the ridged sides. Glad you are making good use of it. Would you believe I gave Brayden Lucky Charms for breakfast and didn't even think of the connection to St. Patrick's Day - although more like the Irish! Bad Grandma! Have a great day! LYAB!