Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's Go To The Park!

It was forecast to be a mild, but chilly Monday. 50 degrees or so is not ideal park temps., but still. We haven't been to a park since the Fall. We were going to make it work. We would just focus on the "mild" part of the forecast. We had plans to meet friends there. These were friends that we hadn't seen in at least a few months and we missed them. We were excited. We love the park....any park, but ones with nature are the best. Not just a playground, we have one of those in our backyard. We wanted some real fresh air. A park surrounded by trees, with lots of grass around, and if we're lucky, a creek or pond nearby.
But this is not what I meant.
This is not the type of "body of water" I was referring to.

This "lake" would make it very tricky to swing...or see saw....or even walk, unless we had some hip waders handy.
No, we were going to have to find an alternative. We looked around and caught sight of another playground, not to far away.
So they bolted.On our way we found a "needle in the haystack" as the girls called it. haha

Yay! Playground!
(yay! dry playground!)
dry playground = happy faces
(This was an awesome new piece of playground equipment. It spins. They love it. I would be sick.)
This playground was surrounded by water, instead of being half immersed in it. Now we're getting somewhere. It was kinda like an island playground. Cool.

After a picnic lunch...on to some exploring. We watched as this pair crossed the creek.
And we saw a bunch of other cool stuff.....
There wasn't a whole lot of sunshine and it was only 50 degrees, but we were warmed by our walk and the company of awesome friends.
And a BONUS: with the lower temps there were no bugs. That alone made it quite enjoyable for me. I'm not one for bugs.
And by that I mean, I can't stand those nasty little critters! blah. The kids were looking for treasure, following a map they found at the playground. They worked together and had a blast looking for clues. The grass was mostly still brown, and the trees were still bare (though some had buds)...but it won't be long till the bluebells arrive and and the glorious colors of Springtime will be all around. We plan on going back again then.
Hope you are enjoying some time outside!

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Grandma Jo said...

Looks like you were doing your best to provide some fun time for the kids! Kids can have fun with most anything and they did a great job here - learning at the same time! Yay! Hopefully your next outing will include the sunshine and dry ground and green grass! Good luck! At least you all got some fresh air! Thanks for the update and great pics!! Have a great day! LYAB!