Monday, December 6, 2010

~~An Advent Daybook~~

For today: December 6th, 2010

Outside my window: dark and freezing cold. So windy, too....brrr.

I am wearing: warm, comfy light blue flannel jammies.

I am hearing: the heater and that's all. Everyone else is tucked into their cozy beds.

I am thinking: how much longer should I stay up? Not much.

I am planning: our Advent activities. Haven't started the actual Advent chain yet, but we've been doing the activities every day. I've just been sort of announcing it, once I make up my mind for what will work for that day. We've had a lot of fun so far!

From the schoolroom: making sure we stick to the basics, at least, during these busy days. Also, reading comprehension for both girls clearly has a Christmas theme going. They're likin' it. I've been very lax with Evan in the way of "formal schooling" lately. Makes me very appreciative of his weekly pre-K group. :)

From the kitchen: We have a pretty good routine going now, for cold weather meals. Lots of healthy comfort food. But with the Advent season comes lots of baking and candy making and celebrating, so "healthy" is going a tad bit by the wayside for the next few weeks. And the house is smelling goooooooood!

Plans for the week: Pre-K and karate as usual.....baking, gift-making, perhaps a snowman or peppermint day....putting up our little christmas much to enjoy, it's hard to choose!

I am reading: Advent and Christmas stories with the kids and Light the World, Daily Meditations for Advent for me.

I am happy: that I got to have a nice conversation with my dad tonight.

Looking forward to: a trip home to be with our families sometime this holiday season.

I am thankful for: my mother's visit over Thanksgiving weekend, and a little beyond. We had a wonderful time with her and she was such a help to us. Love you, Mom!

I am enjoying: the lights on the tree and the fireplace, and the warmth of our home, the comfort of my bed.....where I am headed soon. (can you tell I'm getting tired?)

A picture thought:

Evan discovers the little treasures left by "Saint Nicholas". He was especially pleased with his nutcracker.

Hope you are warm and safe and enjoying your Advent with those you love. For more Daybook entries stop by Peggy's and have a look. :)

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