Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~~*A Thankful Daybook*~~

For Today: November 24th,
Outside my window: cold and's late at night, or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it.
I am hearing: the refridgerator humming.
I am wearing: cornflower blue and white plaid, flannel jammie pants and a matching blue long sleeved T and my hair is in a ponytail.
I am thinking: about how I should be in bed right now....and will be very soon.
I am hoping: that my mom can still make it here tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I hope the weather cooperates, but if it doesn't I REALLY hope she doesn't take any chances and waits another day to leave.
One of my favorite thing: quiet times in the morning with Evan. Everyone else is either off starting their day, or still in bed. He and I sit together and snuggle, watching cute little PBS shows. He sips his chocolate milk and I sip my coffee. Simple things make for a full, happy life.
I am reading: Advent ideas online...on blogs and other websites. Want to make this a simple, meaningful Advent for my children.
From the Kitchen: we made a family recipe yesterday.....pumpkin chip cookies. We baked them every year when I was a child. My siblings and I loved them, and still do. Apparently this recipe came from a longtime family friend. I was happy to see that my children enjoy these cookies as much as their mother did when she was a young girl. Even John loved them! Also from the kitchen....the obvious traditional Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, salad, rolls and corn (by me) mashed potatoes (by Skylar), gravy (by my mom), then the cookies (made by Alexa, Evan, Skylar and I) and pumpkin pie (by Taylor). Can't wait!
I am thankful for: so many things, like the obvious, family, friends, freedom, health, and home. My gratitude for those things is unchanging. I always try to appreciate those precious gifts. In addition, though, there are so many "little" things I am thankful for. I'll try to comprise a list tomorrow. Seems like a good day to do it. ;)
I am praying for: the children and teens in our town. So many that go to school with my daughter seem to be heading in the wrong direction. I pray that they have the clarity to see life beyond what it is for them today and try to realize that their actions have consequences....severe and painful consequences.
Plans for the week: The week is half over, but the weekend should be fun. Thanksgiving tomorrow starts with relaxing and watching the Parade on TV, then dinner prep. With all of us girls pitching in, Thanksgiving dinner should be a snap....and a good time. Later in the weekend, we hope to see a movie with my mom. Some cute ones are out now and I hope they live up to our expectations.
Picture thought:
Not tonight....too late. ;)
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TTFN and Happy Thanksgiving!


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