Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Was Our Thanksgiving

Making Pumpkin Chip Cookies (a favorite from my childhood).

Alexa-official mixer
Skylar-official cookie shaper
Evan- official taste tester
Actually Skylar, Alexa and Evan all helped make these delicious seasonal cookies. And much to my delight, everyone enjoyed them!

For Thanksgiving Day, I was blessed with much help in the kitchen...
Taylor ~ made pumpkin pies, stuffing and salad
Skylar ~ made mashed potatoes
Evan ~ helping set the napkin folder

Alexa ~ setting the table silverware arranger

Evan, Grandma and Skylar pose as dinner is about to begin. Grandma made her homemade gravy...yum

Time to eat....just waiting a few minutes for John to come to the table. Great time to take a picture!

My favorite part of every meal....dessert! The smiley cookies were brought by Grandma Jo, from Eat-n-Park in PA (love that place!) and the homemade pumpkin pies were made by Taylor, as I mentioned before. Also you can see the delicious pumpkin chip cookies we made. So many yummy sweets. Love it!

Taylor and Grandma went for a chilly evening walk.

A few days later, after lots of fun and celebrating and many memories made, Grandma Jo had to go. :(
We had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday with so many things to be thankful for. Hope yours was special, too.

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Grandma Jo said...

Great pics, Tina!! You are on the ball!! LYAB