Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Tour With Alexa

First Stop: CANADA
This was Alexa's final week studying Canada. She did a great job on her Travel Brochure, and did an informative presentation about everything she learned. Alexa was dressed as Blessed Kateri for the presentation, because Bl. Kateri was from Canada. Tour a Country is in CHC's Lesson Plans for Third Grade . They provide you with a complete Social Studies course. It's really fun and an interesting, organized (and not overwhelming) way to learn about different countries around the world.
(She wanted one picture without her glasses, since "Bl. Kateri didn't wear glasses", as she pointed out to me.)
On Monday, we leave Canada. Next stop.....India!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Grandma Jo said...

She looks soooo cute! and what a wonderful lesson plan! Love it! And I think this could be her Halloween costume! or would she rather be scary? God Bless Alexa!! and her Mom for coming up with such a great lesson plan! LYAB BTW, did you do Italy already? I'd love to see that one but also looking forward to India!

Tina said...

Thanks, mom! Actually I just followed the lesson plans in CHC for their 3rd grade Social Studies course. It's a very loose lesson plan and leaves a lot of room for you to do what works for you. I love it! And no, we didn't do Italy yet. Canada was our first stop. LYB!