Friday, October 1, 2010

Star Wars Math? Not Really.

Our adventure begins when this evil pilot who works for Darth Vader lands on a mysterious colorful planet. As he explores this unusual planet, he decides it's the perfect place to take a break from his horribly hot helmet. What could it hurt, since there's nothing in this strange place except all these colorful, smooth, hollow rocks? But, wait, what's this?!! It can't be!! This evil pilot Leia? Tune in next time when you hear Darth Vader's pilot/Leia say .........

"I'm gonna need one heck of a facial if I wear this mask another minute!"Ok, so the truth of the matter is, Evan loves to play with Alexa's Math U See Blocks. He knows they are not a toy, so he's only allowed to "gently" use them, right there at the table, quietly, as she works her lessons. Well, on this day, he added his Star Wars Lego Darth Vader's evil pilot's body/Princess Leia head combo figure and I snapped a few pictures.

This little cheesy story is brought to you by a lack of sleep, a busy week and an odd sense of humor. :)



Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for a fun break in my day, too! haha Makes me realize how much I miss my daughter who is just so clever with what she does and what she comes up with and actually her wording of things. You could write a book! It's great to see the ordinary day-to-day things the kids are doing. Thank you for sharing! Miss you! LYAB

Tina said...

Thanks, mom! I almost removed this post after I reread it later in the day (after coffee). I thought, man I must have been tired when I wrote this. Glad you enjoyed it. :) LYB and miss you too!!!!