Monday, February 15, 2010

****The Simple Woman's Daybook****

For this day, February 15, 2010

I am wearing......still in flannel jammies and my robe.

I am hearing......younger kids playing and Taylor doing her Math program on the computer.

From the kitchen...... this week will be stuffed pepper casserole, soup, bruschetta pizza, salsa chicken, etc....the usual. But we love em.

I am reading.....still reading The Long Winter with Skylar. I loved this book as a child and love it just as much today. Especially since it feels like we are in the midst of our own long winter.

Praying for......the soul of Jennifer Daugherty. She was brutally murdered in a town near where I grew up. I didn't personally know her, but the crime is so horrific, so unbelievable. I'm praying, too, for her grieving family.

Later this week......karate, dance, Mass for Ash Wednesday, co-op Valentine's Day party (I think) and possibly some friends coming over to play. Hope to celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow with a Teatime and feast of junk food to clean out the pantry of sugary foods.

Living our domestic church....... Lent begins this Wednesday. We'll go to Mass, of course, and also discuss what we are giving up and/or changing for spiritual growth.

On my mind....Evan's potty training is progressing. Slowly but surely. I'll be so happy to be through this stage once it's over.

I am make this a good Lent. One where I grow closer in my relationship with Christ and deepen my faith. I hope to encourage that in my children, too.

Around the house....... laundry, as usual, but I plan on doing some deep purging and organizing around here this Lent, too. Also need to do some deep cleaning I've been putting off for months.

Thankful husband, whom we have had home with us for the last week due to TONS of snow. Luckily his company let him work from home. I was concerned that cabin fever would set in for all of us and we would really get on each others nerves. But that has not been the case. He has been helpful and really taken advantage of the time at home to play with and enjoy the kids. I think their relationship has deepened over the last week or so. And he bought me roses and a beautiful Holy Family set for Valentine's Day. It's so nice to live with and spend you life with someone who knows you so well.

A picture thought I am sharing........

(Skylar loves her Guitar Hero. Winter storms that keep kids inside have some advantages.)
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