Thursday, February 18, 2010


Part of Lent, probably the part most non-Catholics associate with it, is sacrifice. Sacrifice is an important part, but not the only part. I realize that sacrifices can be personal and don't need to be shared with others, but for us this year, I've decided to post what the kids and I are giving up this Lent.

Alexa: computer
Skylar: candy
Taylor: all sweets, junk food and TV
Me: Facebook (gulp), junk food and sweets

Everyone chose their own and I encouraged them to think it through first. It was supposed to be something they'd miss, but they are still young, so I didn't want them to choose something they'd struggle with through all of Lent.

In addition to the sacrifices we are making this Lent, we will also be working on nurturing our relationship with Christ through prayer and charity. I'll try to post about how I plan to do that another time.


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Grandma Jo said...

sounds good! It makes my heart feel good to know that you take Lent seriously and are passing it on to your kids. I gave up fb as you know. I was going to just cut back, but I think I'll just give it up all together until Easter. I'm also giving up candy/sweets. I'm not including my international coffees in my sweets, though or syrup if I have pancakes or waffles some time. I've already been going to Mass as much as I can, but I'm trying to not forget to go to Stations which I did get to tonight. I hope to do more spiritual reading during Lent, too. Have a Blessed Lent!