Monday, February 8, 2010

~The Simple Woman's Daybook~

For Today: February 8, 2010
Outside my is very, very cold and dark. There is so much snow on the ground. We measured around 28 inches. And more snow is expected tomorrow.....lots more. I just heard the snow plow working it's way through out neighborhood. I am very thankful that they got to our streets before this new snowfall tomorrow.

I am wearing......light blue plaid flannel pajama pants, a grey cotton long sleeved jammie shirt, two pairs of socks and my thick, cozy white robe. I'm still cold.

I am thankful many things right now. Like the fact that our home still has power. Unfortunately, there are many people without right now. Also thankful for John's employer letting him work from home. Thankful that the only illness in the house right now is a little cold that Skylar is battling. And thankful to Taylor and John for making a last-minute-run-before-the-storm-hits trip to Supertarget. They are there right now.
I am thinking......about how fast Lent is approaching. It is so early this year. I want Lent to be a time for spiritual growth in this house and especially in my own heart.
From the was Stuffed Pepper Casserole. We NEVER have leftovers with that meal. And tomorrow is tacos. The rest of the week will include breakfast for dinner, tilapia fish with rice, pasta with meatballs and whatever else I can throw together. I'm hoping for some Vocelli's Pizza delivery on Friday night. ;)

This week........Taylor has planned a special little Valentine's Day party with/for Alexa. They made placemats and place cards and some decorations. It's so sweet. Alexa was going to invite her little friend Marcie over for it, but with the snow, we doubt she could make it. So we might have to do it with just our little gang. We'll still have a blast!

I'm remembering.............the other night, when Evan went to bed a little early, John and I sat on the floor with all the girls and played Apples to Apples Jr. It was so much fun! LOVE that game!

Our Domestic Church.....hoping to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes with a Teatime and this movie.

From the Learning Rooms.......we are moving right along, trying to finish school early this year since our May will be so busy. I'm still working through the continents, finishing Africa this week with a couple of little parts from Egypt to wrap up. I say we'll do it this week, but I've been saying that for a few weeks now. Hopefully now that I've put it here, it will actually happen. :)

Around the word.....laundry.

One of my favorite things.........snow ice cream. We made some yesterday. It was a favorite tradition from my childhood and it had been a while since I made some. Just as yummy as I remember.

I am praying........for a 4real mom who is struggling with much loss. Always pray for the intentions of all the 4real ladies. And for the weakest of our society....... the unborn, the disabled, the elderly.
I am creating.........some fun and cozy winter memories. We are enjoying good books, hot chocolate with marshmallows, fun games, outside time in the snow, family movies, snow ice cream, brownies and crafts!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing........

(Alexa and Evan enjoying the mobility of the sidewalk that a kind neighbor snowblowed for us)

Another picture thought.....

(my favorite winter treat~hot chocolate with cool whip on top~I'm a simple girl)

One more picture thought......

Loads of much that the kids didn't even sink down in to the ground.

Last picture thought....I promise....

Skylar...wiped out...laying on top of the snow. It's a lot of work trying to walk in 29 inches of snow!

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Karen E. said...

Enjoy "The Long Winter"! :)

Grandma Jo said...

Got snow?!! LOL Love this part of your blog!