Monday, January 11, 2010

My First Daybook of the New Year

For January 11, 2010

Outside my's cold and dark. I'm trying to embrace the seasons as they come, but Winter is a toughie for me this year. Nope, I'm not liking the cold at all.

I am wearing.......comfy winter jammies, my white terrycloth robe that I bought many years ago (but I won't part with it~~I LOVE IT!) and some new thick, knitted, black, knee high, slipper socks that I found at Target. They are saving my feet and ankles from freezing on these cold winter nights.

I am much fun we had in PA over our Christmas visit. So great to see everyone! It's wonderful to be surrounded by family, where you can completely relax and be yourself.

I am get back to our Liturgical Year Teatimes. We miss them! I'm hoping to do them just once a month. Wonder if I can manage that.

Plans for the was back to our normal Monday routine....after a morning of school, it was Taylor's classes, Sky's karate, grocery shopping...then an unplanned trip to the doctor for me. The rest of the week....more karate classes, Skylar's belt ceremony on Wednesday night, dance, at least one or two playdates for Sky and Alexa, and our Club Day is this Friday morning. I also need to schedule and oil change for the van and an eye appt. for Taylor. There's a meeting this week at the church, too, about Taylor's Confirmation. Ugh. I'll have to double check what night that is.

I am reading.....I think it's called Guiding Your Catholic Preschooler. I'd check, but it's upstairs and I'm not moving right now.

I am hoping........that a health issue I am dealing with clears up quickly. I'll spare you the details.

On my mind.......too much. So much on my mind right now with the start of the new year. The first half of this year will be (and already is) so very busy with many wonderful occasions and events. I'm very happy about all of it, but I need to sort it all out, get a plan of action and get it all on the calendar so I can stop worrying about it all and just enjoy it. :)

Noticing feels really good to get back into a routine. I know the freedom over the last few weeks has been enjoyed by my kids, especially the "no school" part. But I was anxious to get back into the groove. I'm lovin' it.

Made me laugh......Alexa and I were in the greeting card dept. today as I was picking out a Valentine's Day card for her dad. She picked one up, and being the proud, new reader that she is, started reading it aloud to me. It went something like, "...and you make me feel alive and complete me.....". Alexa's face wrinkled up and she looked like she was getting physically ill. She said, "Eeeewwwww! This is one of those mushy gushy cards! That's disgusting!", then she went on to say, "I can't read any more of this!" and immediately put it back. I was cracking up. I chose a not-so-mushy-gushy-one that I'm sure she'd approve of, and we were outta there.

From the kitchen.......I made it to the grocery store today. Yep, we're back to normal with our regularly scheduled grocery shopping day. It's not the funnest activity of the week, but it is sooooo necessary for peace at dinnertime. We are too busy for me to be fumbling around at 5 pm wondering what I can throw together to feed my children. So I'm very happy to have the food we need for the meals I've planned for this week. :D

Around the house......things are in pretty good shape over all. Except the laundry needs caught up.....again. And Alexa and Sky's room is becoming more and more disheveled every day. I think that is partly the work of Evan, though, who likes to sneak in and play with Skylar's Star Wars Lego sets and whatever else peaks his interest. We need an alarm for their door. ;)

One of my favorite things.......this robe I am wearing. Love it!
I am thankful for......the wonderful ladies that work at the Religious Ed. department of our parish and for the office ladies at my sister's parish in Pittsburgh. And for their patience with me in being soooo last minute in getting the needed paperwork arranged for my sister to be Taylor's Confirmation sponser. I'm also very thankful for fax machines. :) And along those same lines, I'm thankful to my sister, for agreeing to be Taylor's sponser. Thanks, Ter!
A picture to share......
This is my dad with Alexa and my niece, Kyra. They were enjoying time together that we wish could happen more often.

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