Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Advent 2009

Happy New Year,
We had a very enjoyable, yet quite busy, Advent season, which led to a wonderful Christmas. We traveled to PA shortly after and participated in lots of fun-filled parties and activities there. It was an exciting visit with family and friends that created an abundance of warm memories. Here are some highlights from our Advent Season.
The Saint Nicholas Day Party

(That's Father DeForest as St. Nicholas. He's a new priest at our church and we just love him!)

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Baking sugar cookies

and gingerbread cookies.
Crafting and Gift-Making
And we had our annual Co-op Gingerbread Party. It's so much fun and has become a much-anticipated tradition. The women get together to bake the houses (I wasn't able to do it, though, because it fell on Sky's BD). Then a couple of the moms "glue" them together. We all get together, each bringing a candy decoration to share. We say, "1,2,3,.....Merry Christmas!" and then comes the shower of candy! Then the decorating (and eating) begins. Here's an arial shot, (notice Skylar at the top right)....there is candy and icing, gingerbread houses and children everywhere!Such beautiful results! Here's Alexa with her lovely house. Skylar had a blast making this... And here is Taylor's (notice the melted snowman in the front yard. These houses are fun to make, and really delicious to eat, as you can tell..... "Look Mom, no hands!"

Although our Advent was full of many other activities, such as reading many, many stories, and watching classic Christmas movies, I don't have photos of everything. I do want to mention that a favorite for Alexa and Skylar (and me) this year was the journey with Tabitha in the Advent story Tabitha's Travels (can't seem to link to it right now...argh). It was nice to end each day with another step in this adventure-filled story, that eventually leads to the birth of Christ. We can't wait until next year to read either Jotham's Journey or Bartholomew's Passage.

Hope you have a happy, safe and healthy new year!

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Erin said...

Wow a priest who is willing to dress up as St Nick!