Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tot School Time

Evan is 39 months old.

Transportation Time

I saw these cards online and printed them out. I found them here.. We used the car cards to play a matching game and review colors.

I've seen many people feature dot markers on their blogs for their tots. I don't have any, but wanted to try to get Evan to do some sort of dot painting, so I bought these stencil sponge-tipped brushes. I found them at the craft section of Joann Fabrics and they were very inexpensive. They would have worked fine, but Evan just has his own way of doing things. I can't seem to find the link to this page. I'll post it later if I do.
Evan loves to play in the beans. So this week we got out the bulldozer and some cars to tie into our theme and make the beans even more interesting. Alexa couldn't resist joining him for a bit.

I made Evan some boat shapes (canoe, rowboat and raft) along with two "people" for him to paint and play with. They were made out of Model Magic. He loved them so much, he didn't want to paint them at first. Eventually he painted the of course. :-)

I set up a "rails, road, water and air scene" (it's hard to see) on construction paper. Evan picked up foam transportation pieces and we discussed where each vehicle would go. I did have to create for him (by cutting and piecing together) a Diesel 10 for his railroad.....with his "crushing, crushing claw", as Evan says. I would have made this more visible, but Evan chose black paper....of course.I found a set of 3 part automobile puzzle cards that I purchased a while ago. He enjoyed these. I'm pretty sure I bought these at the dollar section of Target. It was either there or the Dollar Store.
These are actual photographs, so that's another bonus.
We discussed the "job" of each vehicle.
And this is a magnetic transportation set we bought Evan at the beach. It's fun, but the pieces are small. And he was only interested in it for a short time.
I'm trying to get him familiar with the alphabet, just basically working on letter recognition for now. So I try to incorporate that in some way each week. This week I made a large black B out of construction paper, then he glued vehicles that start with B to it (boat, bicycle, bus). I found the images on this site.He loves to glue, but sometimes gets carried away with it. Oh, yeah, and he still is "Batman" sometimes during school. Although most of the time he opts for Bruce Wayne. ;-)There are many other ideas for doing a Transportation theme with your child at this awesome site.
We did a few things this week that were not Transportation themed. Such as.....playing with the magnetic animals and letters,
doing some simple foam color and number puzzles....
and working on a story together as we built a scene using a Fairy Tale sticker set I purchased at Oriental Trading. I actually had this left over from my daughter's birthday party a few years ago.At first he wasn't too thrilled, but then he saw the knight. That sparked his interest and so we began a story. Each time he added a sticker/character to the scene, we added another part to the story. It ended up being really cute. The end went something like this...

Everyone tried, but the knight was the only one who could defeat the dragon, by putting flowers in his face and making him sneeze until he ran far away. The knight saved the princess!
I think I'm going to get more of these sticker scenes, so we can make more creative stories together. We even acted out this story with his dressup clothes, after we finished the sticker/paper version. So fun! (No pics of that, though, I was too busy being a dragon. LOL)
Hope your week was wonderful! For more fun ideas on spending time with your tot, stop by




Rebecca said...

I love the bulldozer and the beans! GREAT idea! I will have to try this soon.

MoziEsmé said...

Wow - so much great stuff for one theme! And a good idea on the dot painting. We invested in the do a dot markers - even with the markers most of our artwork ends up like that! It starts well, but I've gotta snap a photo before it's "finished." :)

Grandma Jo said...

Great ideas! Evan seems so cooperative. He seems to like homeschooling - that's a good thing. Of course, he has 3 good examples! Can you put on pics of the girls work, too? Of course, T may not let you, but it's just her work. How about some of her artwork? Sorry you missed your field trip apple picking. Thanks for sharing! LYAB

Erin said...

Ooh I love the tub with the beans!! That's something we will definitely have to try!