Monday, October 19, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook~September 19, 2009

Outside my is dark and chilly, but not raining anymore, thank goodness! It had rained for five straight days until today. So great to see the sun again.

I am thinking.....about how I should get off of the computer and straighten up a bit. Then I need to call my dad and finish planning school for the week. Yes, it's Monday night, and school isn't completely planned for this week yet. This just happens sometimes and I can't stress over it too much.

I am thankful for.....cooperative children. It makes it so much easier to accomplish things on a busy day when they aren't giving me a hard time. Sometimes they know what needs to be done, and they just do it, even if it isn't "fun" for them.

I am jammie pants and a burgundy long sleeved cotton tee. Warm socks and my favorite cozy, white robe. I have my hairband around my wrist, waiting to be put back in my long hair as soon as I get off here and get back to work.

I am much fun we had the last time we visited my dad and his wife, this past May. The kids love it up there in the mountains of PA. Hoping to make the trip again later this week.

I am Skylar's belt ceremony for her Karate class this Wednesday. She's moving up again! She is really sticking with it and loves it!

I am reading....other blogs to get ideas for "schooling" Evan. So many inspiring women out there sharing their plans.

I am hoping......that everyone is well enough for us to make the trip to see my dad and his wife. Skylar, Alexa and Evan have all had colds recently, and still have them a little. Also hoping Taylor and I stay healthy.

On my mind.....I need to get another patch on Skylar's new karate uniform AND iron it before Wednesday. Eek. And Alexa really wanted to have a little "Halloween Party". We are rolling with this. It will just be family, but she is so excited and trying to have something for everyone!

From the learning rooms.....still following the Serendipity plans for the middle girls. They are enjoying themselves with this. We fell a little behind, but are finishing up Ancient Egypt. I love that the plans can be adapted to suit each family and that nothing is set in stone. Africa was laid out as a 6 week program, but we will probably take 8 weeks considering we are leaving town this week and just got over being sick last week. Love the flexibility with this! Evan's having "Pumpkin Week" (or possibly 2 weeks, due to the trip out of town).

Noticing Evan is getting a bit of a temper. I need to nip that in the bud.

Pondering these words........"Only this I want, but to know the Lord, and to bear His cross, so to wear the crown He wore." These words were in a song at Mass this weekend. Very nice melody. It was the first time I've noticed Alexa actually be able to follow along in the book to a song at Mass. She has a very sweet voice and I enjoyed sharing a book with her, so I was close enough to hear her. The words are powerful, and extra touching when coming from a child.

From the kitchen.....pumpkin bread some day this week. I want to surprise the kids with it. Evan is having "Pumpkin Week" for his school theme, so I thought the bread would be a nice touch. I REALLY need to make pumpkin chip cookies that my mom used to make! They are awesome!
Around the house....should clean up the house before we leave town. I don't like coming back to a messy house. It's not too bad, but things need straightened up and put away. And perhaps the bathrooms need a cleaning.

One of my favorite things......watching as the children make each other laugh. I know they all have friends outside of this house, but I love seeing them enjoy each other. Siblings are so important.
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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for sharing, Tina. Hope you have a good time at your Dad's this weekend if you get to go. Hope the kids get better and that you and Tay don't get sick. Hope you have good weather for it, too.
I recently had some pumpkin bread at a meeting and it was so moist and yummy. Thanks for reminding me about the pumpkin chip cookies. I don't think Tony likes them but Andrew might and I know Ter and I can share them with Mike so I think I'll try to find time to make some. Have a good night!