Friday, September 11, 2009

Alexa was veeeerrrrryyy chatty on the way to taking Skylar to karate this evening. I needed to tell Skylar something before I dropped her off. I waited for a break in Alexa's talking, then hurried to say what I needed to Skylar.

We got to karate, and Skylar ran in the building. Then I remembered something else I should have mentioned to Skylar and I said it out loud. Alexa stopped talking and said, "Could we get back to what I was saying now?" I said, "Alexa, do you know what a conversation is?" "Two people have to take turns talking for it to be a conversation." "When one person just talks it's called a speech." Alexa, without much hesitation then said, "Then I'm 'speeching', now can I continue, please?!"

Well, at least she's clear on the terminology now. ;-)

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