Friday, September 11, 2009

Children's Art Study: Monet

Alexa and Skylar learned about Monet this week using this book and some Monet prints. I put the prints on our bulletin board for them to observe throughout the week.

The book gives an informative overview of the artist's life but keeps it at a child's level (1st through 6th grades?). They add little cartoons and some humor which holds the child's interest. Then after we discussed the artist and his life, we discussed his style of painting. We analyzed the paintings and made observations. Then I printed out an outline copy of one of Monet's paintings. I found it here and printed out a copy for each of the girls. It was small (I think because I don't have an account with them), but it was big enough. Then I printed a copy of the original picture for the girls to use as a reference. They worked hard on these.

It amazed me how both girls, looking at the same painting and trying to copy it, each had their own interpretation of it. Skylar's style of painting is very different from Alexa's. They both did a great job, put forth a lot of time and effort, and enjoyed themselves.

(Alexa's is on the left and Skylar's is on the right)

We will be doing a more complex Monet paintings next week. I'll keep you posted. I know the girls can't wait!



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