Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Highlights

On Friday, we had our co-op. The kids always enjoy that. Friday afternoon, my dad and his wife came to stay for the weekend. We had such a nice time.
There were pillow fights.
And wrestling around.
Snuggling and watching movies together. (My dad with Skylar)
(Skylar and Alexa with Linda)
And Buttons loved watching the squirrels in our backyard. The children woke up on St. Nicholas Day with surprises in their shoes.And they received their Christmas gifts from Dad and Linda, too, since we don't think we'll get to see them again at Christmas. Each girl was quite happy with their new attire.

And anyone who knows Evan knows how much he loves Cars, so this "light up" jacket was a hit!
We stayed indoors almost the whole time they were here. Who wants to venture out into the cold when you've got all you need right here?
And as an added bonus, it snowed Saturday night!
We loved watching it from inside as we enjoyed a pizza dinner. (Although Skylar would have been quite happy about going out into the snow and playing.....even in the dark!)

Sunday morning, they had to head for home, and we had to get ready for Mass. We said good bye and gave lots of hugs. We hated to see them go, but it was such a wonderful visit.
After Mass, in the afternoon, the children and I went to a local St. Nicholas Day Festival. Here's Alexa with St. Nicholas, himself!
And they had a craft table, where Alexa made a lovely angel ornament.
This was all the closer Evan was willing to get to St. Nicholas. He would take tiny baby steps forward, then back away. It was so cute.
I saw Skylar here and there when we were at the festival. It's all in one big gym, so I can usually see her from wherever I am. And I'm such a worrier, I look around for her every 5 minutes. She had a blast playing games and winning lots of prizes! She won holy cards, 2 rosaries, saint medals and lots of candy. She participated in this pinata game, too, but it's hard to see her in this crowd of children .This Saint Nicholas Day gathering has become a bit of a tradition with us. The children look forward to it every year.

And yes, I finally did it! I got out my Advent wreath. I feel better now.
Hope you are having a blessed Advent.


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Grandma Jo said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! What a nice visit!
Looks like the kids had a great time with St. Nicholas - even Evan from afar.
I love your wreath - especially the angel in the middle - where ever did you get THAT idea?! (Terri and I still have the original made by Mrs. Radion so you did great in coming up with your own traditional angel.) And what a cute little angel - just perfect for your family.
Love you all!