Friday, December 12, 2008

Crunch Time

My "countdown to Christmas" just got altered. I was already feeling like Christmas is coming way too fast, and now this. I have to have major dental work done Wednesday that will probably put me out of commission for at least 2 or 3 days, maybe more. And it will be soooo close to Christmas. So for me, I now need to be ready for Christmas by Tuesday night. Oy.

And it's not just that I need to hurry to shop, wrap, decorate, bake etc. It's that I really want my children to enjoy Advent a lot before this dental work makes me feel like doing nothing but resting. We've already done some festive and fun things this Advent, ( I hope to share pictures, soon) but I'm trying to squeeze in some more. So, here's what's coming up for our gang.

Saturday....Taylor has play practice, then we have Skylar's 10th BD party in the afternoon(yay!). Depending on how we feel, we might go out shopping (yuck, I'm not a fan of shopping this time of year and it will be soooo crowded)

Sunday.....Mass in the morning, then some shopping while Skylar goes to her friend's BD party. Taylor has a BD party to go to in the evening. And this is Skylar's actual BD, so we will spend the evening with pizza and a movie, maybe.

Monday.....Taylor's last Creative Writing class before Christmas and Alexa's final speech class. We also have a Christmas Craft day with our local homeschool group. Then I hope to take the girls to the local Model Train Show, after dinner. I'm thinking we can check out the trains, then walk around Old Town. Then hopefully pop into some casual place to get hot chocolate. As a last resort, we'll go to Denny's or IHOP and get some there.

Tuesday.....wrapping gifts, maybe a teatime, laundry, making cookies and fudge, any of the above. Oh, and Taylor has practice.

Wednesday....The big day...blah. I will be knocked out for 3 hours so my dentist can do all my repairs at the same time.

Thursday....Recovery day.

Friday.....Gingerbread party with our co-op. Boy I hope I am up to this. I don't expect to be talking much, but I just want to get there so the kids can enjoy it, then I can come home and sleep (if I need to) while Evan naps.

In every free moment, I need to finish internet shopping and in store shopping, wrap gifts and finish the gifts I am creating. I'm still working on Alexa's felt food, but haven't even started Evan's dressup set, Alexa's dressup set, Skylar's cozy blanket, Alexa's cozy blanket, Evan's family photo book and Taylor's Alice in wonderland gift. I know this sounds like a lot, but most of it will be pretty simple to make. I also need to make fudge for the neighbors. Ok, so maybe it is a lot. *sigh*

I'm continuing to read Christmas stories to the girls, while I can. I've ordered some books on tape for them to listen to when I'm "out of it". I hope to have some movies ready, too.

How is your Christmas prep coming? Are you ready?



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Grandma Jo said...

Thanks for the update! You make me tired just reading this. Give yourself a break - esp after your dental work. Take it easy. Your mouth will need to heal and it will zap some of your energy. Good idea to nap while Evan does. Hope all goes well. Try not to stress. I'll be praying for you. You know what my weeks are like....babysitting, working, Curves when I can fit it in, and a little more shopping and having lunch with friends and a Christmas luncheon with a group of co-workers, and Kyra's preschool play Thursday evening. Love ya!