Monday, December 8, 2008

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus

John called one evening last week and said, "Take the girls and Evan and go outside and look up." He told me that the moon, Jupiter and Venus would all be near each other and be easily visible. So I took all "interested parties" outside to take a look. It was pretty darn cool. So I attempted to photograph it. After many unsuccessful attempts, I realized I was moving too much, causing the image to blur. So I rested my elbows on the van and tried again. Then, I got one! Here it is......

It's still slightly blurry, but not too bad considering my camera is pretty old and I'm quite the amateur.

This is not expected to happen again for another 40 years. I'm a geek for this kind of stuff. I don't always following what's going on in outer space, but it still fascinates me to no end.

Did you see it?



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Grandma Jo said...

That's a cool picture, Teen! You did a good job! Don't remember hearing about it around here but I don't always pay attention or hear the news. I'm thinking we probably had a cloudy night anyway - it's happened before (that we wanted to see something in the sky and it was cloudy). Thanks for sharing! Love you!