Monday, December 22, 2008

So Sorry for My Lack of Posts (TMI alert)

Yes, I'm finally back. So sorry for the long absence. It was unplanned, I assure you. I went to the dentist on the 10th. Mind you, I haven't been to any dentist for a very.....long.........time. I do brush and floss my teeth and take care of them at home. I just don't ever go to the dentist (although I take my children regularly). I was nervous as all get out. To say I fear the dentist and "all things dentistry related" is an understatement. It comes from many bad experiences, I suppose. Not from my childhood, but from my young adulthood.

Anyhoo. There I was. At this wonderful dentist that my hubby (my handsome beloved with the well-taken-care-of-teeth and no fear of the dentist) found from a radio ad. This ad basically said they offer "sedation dentistry". Yippee Skippee! No kidding. I would never be excited about any dentist unless they knock me. I can assure you this wonderful dentist rocks! He was so nice and understanding of my fears. All of his staff are the same way. They don't make me feel like a total weenie for avoiding "all things dentistry" for the last......well let's just say..... many years.

He took a look, took some x-rays, then told me what needed to be done. I should mention, too, the other factor that got me into his office was the fact that I was in extreme pain from a toothache. Turns out that tooth was infected, along with another one (not good at all for people with heart murmurs) and both were going to have to come out. He started me on antibiotics for those immediately. And I had some cavities and old fillings that needed repaired, too. Oh, and a crown needed replaced.

Ok, so lots of stuff. But the great part is he knocked me out! Well, not him, exactly. His office has anesthesiologists who come there for wimps like me. I went back the following week. I was knocked out for at least 3 hours, while he did what he had to do. I woke up, still very groggy, but not feeling any pain. I was quite out of it. So much so, that when we got home, I had to go to bed to shake off the rest of the drugs. I woke up an hour or so later feeling pretty good.

I had the follow up today. My stitches are driving me crazy. He said they have to disolve on their own. But I have no pain. And with the help of Dr. Aunon, I will be a person who has regular dental visits from now on. I've even decided to start taking the children to his office.

I do have to go back to get my new crown on in January. It will take about a half an hour. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I'm trying not to think about it, for now. But, I know that I'll be fine and it's important that I take care of this. I have to be a good example to my children, too.

Between all this unplanned dental stuff and all of our Advent preparations, there's not been much time for anything else. I'm still working on our handmade Christmas. I hope to post some pics of my progress, soon.

Hope you are having a blessed Advent!

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