Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Handmade Christmas Continues~~A Toddler Boy's Dressup Box

Evan loves to play dress-up. He has a Bob the Builder hat that he wears, along with the toolbelt. He's also borrowed his sisters' playsilks to be superheroes. But there's not much else he can do with what we have. So back in Oct. I decided to make him his own dress-up set as a gift for Christmas. Nothing fancy, just some basic things for him to pretend in.

I bought some hats and accessories at the dollar store, and saved them. Then I bought some T-shirts to make the clothes. I also used some of my old T-shirts. Although I'm not finished yet, here's what I have so far.

An Army Outfit (I still need the shirt for this one.):

A firefighter's uniform (the jacket needs "tweeking"):

This is Alexa trying it on for him.A Soldier (still need the cape):

A cowboy (the brown vest is made from an old polo I had). I'm not crazy about the gun and not sure if I'll include it :

A pirate:

I still need to make him a "batman" mask. I'll use the same cape for the knight as I do for Batman. I might also throw in some other fabric squares to give him more capes to be whoever or whatever his imagination can dream up.

These costumes are far from perfect, but luckily they should be enough to please a 2 year old boy.

How are your Christmas gifts coming along? Did you finish creating or shopping, yet?

Have a wonderful day!



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Erin said...

These look great!! I'm hoping to have some pictures of our homemade Christmas in the next couple of days. (Not all was homemade)

Dress ups designed to please a little boy:)