Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Updates~Read at Your Own Risk (sorry for the gory details)

Evan threw up after dinner this evening. (I know, what a way to begin a post!) I think it's just from all the drainage from his cold. But he's pretty miserable. I felt so bad for him.

We just finished dinner and then it happened. So I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. We were in a bit of a hurry because Taylor had her 1st CCD class tonight and we weren't sure where the room was, etc.

So, I dressed Evan in a new outfit that I bought him for Fall. It's long sleeves and long pants. The evenings are getting so chilly now. He looked so tired and so cozy. I sat him on the steps to get his shoes on and it happened again. Big sisters to the rescue! Sky grabbed more clothes and baby wipes and Alexa grabbed little garbage bags. I cleaned him up, but never did find his shoes, so I carried him to the van and off we went.

We walked Taylor in to find her room and luckily she wasn't late. That can be awkward when it's a new place with totally new people. The girls, Evan and I came home and Evan seemed fine (other than his cough). Went back to get her, and he's still fine. I felt so bad taking him in and out on a chilly evening when he just threw up, but I felt I had no choice. And I don't believe this is a stomach bug.......not yet , anyway. So keep my little guy in your prayers tonight, if you don't mind. Thanks.

And an update on John's car......two shopping! Yep, his vehicle is totalled. Now hopefully he'll get a safer car.

BTW, we had a really nice Teatime for St. Therese and I'll try to post about it tomorrow.

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Grandma Jo said...

Awwww, poor Evan! And poor Mommy - but you handled it well and those girls are such a treasure! What big helpers they are! I hope all went well with Taylor's CCD. Maybe Evan's episodes took her mind off it and made her a little less anxious - except of course for the idea of being late. She's a likable kid - esp when she is smiling. Hope Evan is feeling better today. Now make sure John gets a car he can fit some car seats in for when you might need to. Good luck with the car shopping! (I wish you were getting a new van for you all, too). Love you all!