Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teatime for Saint Vincent de Paul

Last Thursday, we had a very cozy teatime. It was the kind of day that just begs for a cup of hot tea. It was such a chilly, rainy Autumn afternoon. Skylar had her Girls Club at 2 pm. After running her there and dropping her off, I came back and began baking Cranberry Orange mini muffins. The house smelled so good as I finished up the last batch. Then I darted off to pick up Skylar. I think she enjoyed coming home to the warmth and sweet smells of our home. I know I did.

We set everything up and began our Teatime right away. We said a Litany of Saint Vincent de Paul before we began eating our treats. I had also planned to at least start reading this book, but Evan awoke from his nap and he was not in the best of moods.
One of Saint Vincent de Paul's quotes was "God Sees You". So we made these God's Eyes to remind us of that.
Well, I gotta run. Evan has the start of a cold and needs mommy now. Have a wonderful night!



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