Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of Teatimes Lately....This one for St. Therese

Such a busy time on the Liturgical Calendar right now! So much to celebrate! We celebrated St. Therese one day early (we didn't think she'd mind). I purchased the above cake and then decorated it further with the image of St. Therese taped to a popsicle stick (yes, I am fancy ;) ). I prefer to bake for our Teatimes, but sometimes time just doesn't allow for it. So this cake is perfect because it is small enough that we won't be eating leftovers for days, and it is reasonably priced. We decorated our table with a beautiful cross I received from my mom and roses I unexpectedly received from John (with the help of St. Therese, I believe).
After cake, tea, a prayer to St. Therese and a brief story of her life, we set off on the craft.
The girls made pages for their Liturgical Year Notebooks. Each girls chose a sheet of craft paper and some ribbon. They punched holes in the paper and wove the ribbons through.
Even though each girl was doing basically the same craft, they all have their own unique style and so they all turned out differently.



And naturally Evan wanted in on the act. So he created along with the girls:



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