Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going Again

I know I keep talking about so many posts that I will be creating.....our school plans, some Christmas crafts/gifts, more toddler/preschool activities, teatimes etc. And I will.......eventually. As soon as we get back.

Yes, we are leaving town.......again. This time for our vacation, our actual vacation. Never mind the fact that it's supposed to rain the whole time. We are going. And we'll make the best of it.

So enjoy your weekend and these last few weeks of warm weather. And if you are expecting the same "lovely" weather we are, then I hope you can make the best of it, too.


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Grandma Jo said...

Some people actually like the rain - but it depends on your circumstances at the time. We need the rain. We've had 9 straight days of no rain - it was lovely - but the grass was getting dry and the farms weren't going to be very productive or any home gardens. So we got and are getting some much needed rain. Seems humidity came with it even though it turned a little cooler. AND we aren't going on vacation! I hope you at least get one day in where you can ride the rides and have a great time! Just being together and getting away from the usual is a good thing, too. I'll be waiting to hear and see wht a wonderful, exciting, safe and "interesting" trip you had. Love you all!