Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back from PA (Warning~long post with lots of pictures)

We are back from our trip up north. And we met my adorable new nephew! The girls had a blast with his big sister, too! It was great being with family!

I took lots of pictures. Here are some I'd like to share with you........

These were taken at my mother and father-in-laws house. They have a lot of room for the kids to roam outside.

And here's John with his mom.

We went to see my new nephew. Everyone wanted to kiss and hold him....

He's so sweet!
And these two cousins were like two peas in a pod.

This trip also included.....

Daddy chasing Alexa, Sky, Evan and Kyra as they shouted, "Chase us!" and "Come get us!".
(Yes, that's John up in the playfort.)

Taylor and Skylar watch as Uncle Mike and Aunt Nicki fix Dakota's wounded paw. The poor thing injured her nail while playing around in the yard.

A game of Uno Attack. Skylar versus G-ma Jo (my mom).G-ma treated us to lunch at Eat-N-Park. (John and I went there a lot when we were dating~still love that place!)

A visit with Aunt Elaine and Arleigh. John was helping his sister with her computer.Alexa and Evan playing with Aunt Terri (my sister) on the floor. We got to see her husband and two boys, too.

Some wild turkeys in Grandma and Pap Paps yard!Trecking off on the path at Uncle Mike and Aunt Nicki's house.We miss everyone already.

Unfortunately, we came back with some really bad colds. All of us are sick. It's nothing stomach related (thank goodness) but we have had the usual cold symptoms along with headaches and fever and chills. As far as colds go, this is a rough one. But I'll take this over a stomach bug any day.

The girls are in the other room right now having a "sister sleepover". They are sprawled out on the futon with pillows, blankets and tissues and they are watching a movie together. I'm hearing sneezing, coughing and sniffles, but also some laughter and giggles, too. If you gotta be sick, this isn't a bad way to do it.

And Mike and Nicki, we hope Kyra and Brayden are getting better. Especially Brayden with how tiny he is. We will keep them in our prayers!



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Grandma Jo said...

Hi, Everyone! Hope you are feeling even better now - but esp in time for your vacation. So glad you feel well enough to do this blog. That makes this Mom and Grandma feel a little better. We all miss you, too. Live, Laugh, Love!! Blessings to all -
Mom - Gma Jo - Joann :-)