Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Blogging Break

My children and I will be headed up north to meet this adorable little guy and visit his big sister, too! We are really looking forward to this trip. Alexa, especially, is counting down the days! And Evan keeps saying, "Yay, play with Kyra!".

So I will be back here again next week sometime. Our plans are still up in the air as far as a return date goes. Although my focus has been on planning for Evan recently, in the back of my mind, I'm creating all sorts of plans for the girls. When we come back, I am going to list some of the many plans for our upcoming homeschool year. It will include Health, Safety and Manners for Sky and Alexa using real stories and other fun resources! I am also planning a People of the World Social Studies Unit. We will be studying other cultures, continents and countries. Of course we will mostly use real literature for this, also. There will be maps, crafts, traditions, foods and saints from the different countries we will be focusing on. I am doing this as a precursor to starting Ancient History with them. We will also be doing quiet reflections based on what they are doing over at Serendipity . And our grammar will continue where we left off last year. Those lesson plans, too, can be found at Serendipity's Lively Language Lessons. And my copy of Catholic Mosaic should be arriving soon! I'm currently reading A Picture Perfect Childhood (link in my sidebar) and LOVING it!

I will also share what we use for Math, Spelling, Phonics etc. But I am most excited about the subjects that allow us to really dive into other worlds through picture books.

Hope you have a wonderful week and I'll be back again soon!

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Grandma Jo said...

Have a safe and happy trip to PA! Can't wait to see all of you! Please call me when you get to Lorraine's, so I know you are here safe and sound. Thanks! Love you all!