Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Teatime for Saint Thomas

We had put our Teatimes on the back burner for the last month or so. It was not on purpose, I assure you, it was just that other things kept getting in the way and with the arrival of summer, my "to do" list increased and my focus shifted. Well, today we began again. I think we all missed it and didn't even realize how much.
We started with two main stories from the Bible that mention the Apostle Thomas by name. The Story of Lazarus, and then, of course, the "Doubting Thomas" one. As I read, the girls and Evan ate mini chocolate chip muffins (no symbolism there~it's just a favorite Teatime treat) with iced tea. I also read a story about a little boy searching for God from a book called Stories to Learn By. The idea was to have a discussion about faith.

The girls then matted and decorated a Saint Thomas holy card using stickers, and this wonderful handmade golden scrapbook paper that John bought me some time ago.
The girls also each painted a suncatcher of a cross as a sign of our faith to hang in our front window. Evan painted from his car Paint with Water book. He loves this. And always tries to have a "painty-water cocktail" at the end. Yuck.

Nothing too fancy this afternoon. I was just happy to keep it simple this time around. Overcomplicating it now would have probably meant that it wouldn't have happened at all. I'll try to get my creative juices going again for next time.

Hope you all have a lovely day.



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Auntie Michelle said...

That sounds like a wonderful afternoon teatime! I would have to join in sometime when we come and visit!

The goodies look yummy and the crosses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Lots of Love,

Auntie Michelle