Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Scenes from a Summer's Day
After all of the illnesses we've been going through, lately, we finally made it out to enjoy some summer fun!

We went to a local waterpark to enjoy this sunny, superhot day.

Everyone had a blast!

After the summer we've had, this was just what the doctor ordered!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer days!

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Grandma Jo said...

Well, I didn't see any pictures of Mom on here - did she not have fun,too? I mean besides taking pictures. I know your fun is when you see your kids having fun - ME, TOO! So where's your picture? Alexa's hair is really getting long. Sky was floating - yeah, Sky! I guess John was working? Taylor was a help with Evan, I'm sure. Great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Auntie Michelle said...

That sounds like the perfect day! How much fun you all are having! Evan is getting so big! I can't believe it! I hope Mom (Tina) had fun too!

Sounds like the best summer day!

We miss everyone!

Love, Michelle