Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Things Excite Me

Like these bargains at the local Dollar Store......bins for organizing Evan's toys.
I have plans for these frames for Christmas gifts that I'll post details about later.

These toddler/preschool activity books are so great because they are characters that Evan loves! And the flashcards are simple little games to play with him. Look! That's his little hand. He's so excited, he can't wait to get his hands on this stuff!

The items in the picture below I plan on incorporating into our Teatimes. The larger frames will be used to frame a holy card. We will embellish them in some way having to do with the saint! And the wooden rectangles with the ribbons are just the right size for decoupaging a holy card onto. And there is room for a prayer to be glued on the back. These come in a 10 pack for $1.

I also came upon a few things that I just couldn't resist. They were just too pretty (and cheap). There is a soft pastel floral clipboard that is just the right size for a medium notepad or notecards to list daily tasks or a shopping list. And the other floral clips and pushpins were just a little treat for myself.

And speaking of bargains.....Wal-mart has spiral notebooks at 5 Cents a piece! That means 20 for $1!

See, I told you, little things excite me.



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